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“The First Mountain of Hainan Province”—Introduction to Dongshan Ridge

   The famous "First Mountain of Hainan province"—Dongshan Ridge locates in the southeast of Wanning City suburb of Hainan Island. It is 184 meters above the sea, known for "eight views of Dongshan Ridge", "fairy mountain of Buddha", and "Cliffside caving". It is the oldest Buddhist shrine place in Hainan, and State AAA-class tourist attraction.
   Dongshan Ridge covers an area of 10 square kilometers, with Southeast facing vast South China Sea, Northeast facing a small sea being rich of Hele mud crab. The Ridge has beautiful natural scenery, mysterious and unpredictable caves, winding valley and spring, and unique human landscape. The daedal hand of nature makes the magnificent eight views of Dongshan: Seven Gorges with Nested Cloud, Dignified Peak, Saint Boat Mooring, Penglai Fragrant Cave, Peering the Sea from Yaotai, Canopy Rosy Clouds, Cinnabar Water from Sea Hole, and Green Water Dragon Wandering.
   The Buddha civilization of Dongshan Ridge has a long history. It had built temples and nunneries since Tang and Song Dynasty. Its Wah Fung Xianyan, Chaoyin Temple, Tungling Temple have an endless stream of tourists and exuberant incense all year round. In the seventh year of Tang Dynasty (AD 748), the famous monk Jianzhen headed eastward to Japan for the unsuccessful fifth time. He drifted to Hainan, so he leaded his disciples to Dongshan Ridge for preaching, and his chanting buzzed three days without break.
   As early as in Jin Dynasty, Men of literature and writing have left many poems on the Dongshan Ridge stones, with Li, Kai, Xing and Cao style (four main Chinese ancient Calligraphy fonts), which later accumulated into the Cliffside caving groups. It can be called calligraphy Encyclopedia due to its lavish calligraphy art works, eminent calligraphy art and long history. Its Cliffside caving font has different sizes, the four Chinese characters of "Dong Shan Song Cui" caved on the Lingyun cliff on the Southside is the biggest stone inscription among Dongshan Ridge’s caving, whose word is as high as 1.7 meters; while in the east wall of "Wah Fung Xian Yan" stone house, the 88-word poems with Xing style, as high as 6cm, is the smallest words among Dongshan Ridge’s caving.
   The tourism and cuisine of Dongshan Ridge is well known in China. Dongshan goat, Hele mud crab, Houan Mugil cephalus, Dongshan pancake, and Dongshan Partridge tea are praised as "the five unique features of Dongshan ". Thus people say "eating in Dongshan ".

Seven Gorges with Nested Clouds

Start with the initial 200 stone steps ascending level by level, a canyon winding elegantly. Craggy rocks, deep holes, natural spring, water trickling, rosy cliff, abnormal holes, jungles, fantastic flowers, form a singular view of picture. "Several bundles of grass cover the valley exit; a clear spring falls down from the hill wood". It is said that Ganoderma grass grows in the valley. Ancient God often pick up Ganoderma lucidum on the cliff.